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James P. Barrett
The King of Pain
Membership: Founding Member
Currently GMing: London Underground
Currently Playing: Exalted: The Scaveneger Lords
Available: Most weekday evenings, some saturdays, some sundays
This user donated the webspace upon which the site is built.

James P. Barrett, A.K.A. Bazzalisk, is one of the founding members of the Queen's Tower Society. He was an active member of Imperial College Wargames from 2001 to 2008 or so. He's currently working at the BBC in Manchester.

His favourite systems include Houses of the Blooded, GURPS 4e, Nobilis, Exalted 2e, WFRP 2e, and Unknown Armies, and he has been GMing since the age of 11.

He has his own website [1].

Exalted Character Sheets


Bazzalisk has made a number of character sheets for Exalted 2nd Edition, which are available on his website [2], all sheets are in A4 pdf format and the current versions are always linked from that site.

Potential Future Game ideas

There are a bunch of Games that Bazzalisk may run in the near future.

Exalted Games

The Closest of Friends -- We were closer than friends, closer than siblings, closer than lovers. We were bound to each other's fates at school, and after surviving that hell-hole together we swore that we would always protect each other and never fight. Things are difficult on the outside though. Our families want so much from us, and we are duty bound to obey them. When family policy and sworn oath contradict what can one do? Dragon-blooded game. The PCs are a group of young friends who managed to graduate from one of the nastier Realm secondary schools for troublesome young Dynasts. Now out in the real world they're being sucked into the politics of their noble houses.

Get Outside of Fate Fast! --- Realm Year 302, it's going to be centuries before the Solars return en mass (not that anyone knows that they'll ever come back). A few, however, escaped imprisonment. They've been reincarnating down the years and now by a million to one chance a group of them have all exalted in the same general area. The Gold faction saw that as their moment to strike. Disrupting the Bronze faction's astrology they were able to prevent the Wyld hunt from picking the newly Exalted solars off one by one. That's the last of the help they'll get, though. Now they're on their own, in creation surrounded by the loyal satrapies of a strong Realm, and chased by a Sidereal backed Wyld-hunt. They'd better get outside of Fate before they get caught. Solar game. The PCs will be solars not caught in the Jade Prison now getting their first chance in centuries to strike back at their enemies ... if they can survive long enough.

Reset the World -- The great Contagion came into the world and wiped out the Shogunate just as we were holding the edges against the Fair-folk of the Balorian crusade. I remember falling in battle against the Raksha. I remember reexalting in a new world. Someone had activated the Sword of Creation and stopped the invasion. Now the Shogunate has crumbled and everywhere except for the Blessed Isle itself there are survivors scattered around creation looking for guidance and shaping. We can create new societies. We can make them better than before. Lunar game. The PCs will start as newly exalted Lunars just after the Great Contagion. With the power vacuum in the threshold they have the opportunity to start again from scratch, creating great societies which will endure the test of time. This game would feature large amounts of intersession downtime to allow the results of the PCs social experiments to be seen.

Pirates of the Setting Sun, Redux. -- The freedom of the open ocean! Piracy is a fine life for a young Exalt, and there are stranger things beneath the ocean than any have seen in this life-time. Somewhere deep beneath the surface a cold ancient inhuman eye filled with pain and loss looks out over the Sunken city which he guards for the return of his mate, or perhaps for someone else? This would essentially be the same settup as my last exalted game. Could be mixed solars and lunars easily.

Exalted in the Courts of Madness -- Welcome to Rakshastan, I hope we can make your stay interesting. The wyld is deep and confused, and the natives are strange and twisted. From spontaneous musical numbers to dark castles where you are not allowed on the fifth floor, to the crystal courts where lovers conspire and traitors scheme the Raksha are nothing if not dramatic. Now you're caught up in their drama, but you came here for a reason. Can you get them onside? Mixed Exalt type game set entirely in the courts of the Fair Folk.

Vikings of the Sun and Moon -- A group of ne'er-do-wells with no place to call their own and loyalty only to the Strong ideals of the Haslanti league take their Air-ship and go Viking against the Realm supported soft peoples of the threshold! More Mead for our Mighty Warriors! Sing Songs of glory and looting! Mixed Exalted type game. Haslanti Sky-pirates. Vikings with air-ships. Idea suggested by Ian.

Games Previous Run

Four Weddings and a Kung-Fu Tournament -- Nellens Benata was Blessed of the Elemental Dragons. She married a merchant's son and has a comfortable estate on the Blessed Isle. Five of her children have exalted as terrestrials, all of them sons. All five are now of age, and have realised that their prospects are not as great as they might be. With little fortune, weak blood, a mortal for a father, and no political connections whilst they could be sure of finding willing brides amongst the Patrician class or even amongst wealthy merchants the Great houses would never allow their daughters to marry so far beneath them. The five brothers know that their chances of marrying well are fairly small unless they do something amazing. So swearing a pact to each other they set out to search for Adventures which will make names for themselves as great heroes of the Realm -- for even the Scions of the Great houses would be willing to marry them then ... Dragon-blooded game, the players take the roles of the five brothers, might be hard to manage female PCs though.

Welcome to An-Teng -- It was a mistake, of course. Some slight offence to the wrong bureaucrat (how was I supposed to know she was his wife?) and all of a sudden I find I've been promoted. Satrap of An-Teng. Governor of a crummy little province in the arse-end of nowhere, with no access to the comforts of home. The previous Satrap seemed surprisingly happy to leave too, I'm sure her reports leave out a lot of important details. Oh well, at least I've been sent a diplomatic staff -- gamblers fleeing their debts, embarrassing idiots, outcastes who wouldn't take the razor or the coin, at least their Exalted. How bad can it be? it's a loyal satrapy, I might even be abel to make a proffit ... Dragon-blooded Game. The PCs would be the newly appointed Satrap of An-Teng and her/his staff, all with a particular reason why their family or their superiors wanted them away from home.