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The Queen's Tower

The Queen's Tower Gaming Society was founded in 2007 by three graduated members of Imperial College Wargames, an active and vibrant student society dedicated to Roleplaying, Wargaming, Collectible Card Gaming, and board gaming. Whilst the three were all still members of IC Wargames it was becoming steadily more obvious that the student focus of the society was not well suited to the kind of organisational issues which they faced as two were now postgraduate students and the third was working full-time.

For some time there had been a de facto siatuation in which elder members of IC Wargames would run games outside of the standard framework which the society made available for the organisation of games -- often in different venues or in different time-slots than the officially organised IC Wargames sessions -- furthermore these games would often continue regardless of breaks in terms, whilst the officialy organised IC Wargames campaigns would go on hiatus during the college hollidays. Whilst many members of IC Wargames, both younger and older played in these games it was becoming clear that they did not really belong as IC Wargames organised events, and that their presence was, in many ways, pushing IC Wargames away from the student focus which it ought to have.

For that reason the Queen's Tower Society was founded as a seperate but linked group of gamers. Open to all gamers who wish to join it is designed to foster the same "society feel" which has made IC Wargames so succesful during the first decade of the twenty-first century, whilst being less focused on the needs of undergraduate students, and hence more able to cater to those members who have left college and are now doing other things -- a situation which often results in distinctly less free-time and an inability to attend regular wednesday sessions.

The Queen's Tower Society attempts to maintain close links to its parent society, and Queen's Tower Society games are often open to current members of IC Wargames, however it should be made clear that such games are organised by the respective GM in accordance with their schedule, and are unlikely to follow the term/holliday split of an undergraduate time-table. What is more games are organised in a variety of venues, including people's own homes, so final say on who may join a game is always down to the individual GM in question.