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Members -- Games -- Materials

This is a list of all current members together with some contact details.

User Contact address Location Currently Running Currently Playing
Bazzalisk james.p.barrett@bazzalisk.org Battersea, London
Thelorax theloraxtreespeaker@hotmail.com Pitsea, Essex none
Ulrich ulrich.kadolsky@gmail.com Paddington, London Cries of Woe, Kabal
Tomsk hellramen@gmail.com London-ish none Werewolf, Orpheus, V:TM
Siberman siberman@gmail.com Ashtead - south of london (NOT south london!) none
Alban popo_peatfingers@hotmail.com Paddington, London none
Rhuben rhuben@gmail.com Croydon, London The Drow War, Keep on the Shadowfell
Azrael wv05@imperial.ac.uk Wandsworth, London None The Drow War
Ian ian.kirker@gmail.com Finchley, London None