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Current Games

This is a list of all current games being run in the society.

Game System GM Location When Number of Players Number of Open Spaces
Kanazawa Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition Kath Kath's new house 6pm-11pm, 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings 5 0
Breaker's Edge Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Peter House of Fail II 6pm-11pm, Alternate Friday evenings 6 0
Enlightenment lol Steve Kath & Mat's 6pm-11pm, first two Sunday evenings of the month 4 0
Exalted: The Rising Sun OreX Kath House of Fail II Alternate Fridays 5 0
Exalted: Scarlet Legacy OreX Peter IC Wednesdays 5 0
Exalted: Wonders of the Lost Age Exalted 2nd Edition + Errata + Houserules Baz Fanboy 3, Manchester Wednesdays 6 0

Previous Games

Former games no longer being played

Game System GM Location When
London Underground Unknown Armies 2nd Edition Bazzalisk Imperial College Science Fiction Library Finished in October 2007
The Scavenger Lords Exalted 2nd Edition Kath Kath & Mat's House, Bermondsey Finished in September 2007
To Stare into the Abyss Exalted 2nd Edition Kath IC Finished in October 2008
Burning Empires Burning Empires Bazzalisk Battersea On Hiatus for OOC reasons.
Keep on the Shadowfell Dungeons & Dragons 4th Rhuben IC Finished in September 2008
The Drow War Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Rhuben IC Finished in September 2009
Four Weddings and a Kung-Fu Tournament Exalted 2nd Edition, then FATE, then GURPS Exalted Bazzalisk Battersea Finished in 2009
Planescape: PG-1 Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Kvetch IC Finished in 2009