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a free roleplaying game society based in London, UK.
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The Queen's Tower

The Queen's Tower Society is an independent, free gaming society based in London, UK, founded by alumni of the Imperial College Wargaming Society. The focus of the society is Roleplaying Games, but the society also supports Miniature Wargames and Board Games.

The society does not organise regular meetings, book rooms, or handle any sort of budget. The society does not own any gaming materials. The society exists purely as a means for gamers in and around London to communicate with each other regarding the scheduling of games of various sorts. The webspace for this site was donated by Bazzalisk.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join, and is most certainly not restricted to alumni of Imperial College Wargaming Society. An open invitation is extended to all former and current members of that society, however.

The most useful pages on the site are probably the lists of Current Games and Current Members. There is also a list of Gaming Materials that have been put up on the site by members and links to other material on the web.