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"Ancient memories awaken in your dreams and draw you towards the southern deserts. Somewhere beneath the shifting sands lie the ruins of an ancient city and all the wonders which that implies. Somewhere in these arid lands you once died, betrayed by those whom you trusted. Now reborn into a new age you seek the bones of your last life -- and the magical wonders which were entombed with you ..."

A game running on Wednesday evenings at Fanboy 3 in Central Manchester .


This game makes use of the Exalted 2nd Edition core rules as modified by the 2.5 version of the Scroll of Errata (free download). In addition there are a number of extra house-rules in force, both because of the nature of the game concept and to fix some remaining holes in the system, furthermore two subsystems from outside of the Exalted rules will be in use, GURPS Mass Combat will be used for massed combat (if it happens), and Social Conflict 2.5 will be used for social conflicts when they happen. The house rules are summarised below:

Character Creation

The character creation rules in the scroll of Errata should be followed except with regards to intimacies, which are described in detail in Social Conflict 2.5, and with respect to backgrounds. In addition Willpower is not bought as described in the Errata, instead it is fixed to always equal the sum of the two highest virtues, and can only be modified by modifying the virtues.


The Artifact background is restricted at character generation. Since part of the goal of the game will be acquiring ancient artifacts they won't be easily and immediately available at the start. As such no artifacts above 3 dots can be purchased at character generation, and the only magical material available is Jade. Artifacts from the book Wonders of the Lost Age are not available, though those from Oadenol's Codex generally are.

The Familiar background has been removed. Buy Ally instead.

At the end of character generation all characters gain an extra five dots each to distribute amongst the backgrounds Allies, Backing, Contacts, Followers, Influence, and Resources.


Each purchase of a circle initiation charm grants one free spell.

I'll be using Brian Hon's spell rewrites, Emerald Circle Spells

Social Combat

The entire Social Combat system has been replaced by Social Conflict 2.5.


Combat is mostly as described in the Scroll of Errata.

Magical Flurries and Rate

Any charm which says that it provides a flurry which ignores rate does not. Instead the flurry must still abide by rate, but each weapon used in the flurry receives a +1 bonus to rate.

Solar Ability Assignment

Investigation is now a Night ability, and Awareness is now a Twilight ability.

Solar Anima Abilities

p.100 of the Exalted core book, replace the final paragraph of the Anima Effects section with the following:

Finally the Eclipse caste Solars are talented linguists, and may spend 5m of Essence to remove all language barriers to their spoken communication with others for a scene. This effect causes all those present to understand the words of the eclipse regardless of whether or not they understand the language in which they are spoken, and causes the Eclipse to understand the words of all who speak regardless of what language they use. This effect is clearly supernatural. When the Exalt's Anima is flaring at the 11-15m level or above this effect is automatic and free of additional cost.

This ability replaces the ability to learn the charms of non-Solars.