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This game is being run from Mongoose Publishing's three Drow War books (The Gathering Storm, The Dying of the light, The Darkest Hour).

The game is set in the world of Ashfar. It is a world where the elves long ago had a mighty empire spanning the whole world. The elves subjugated the other races and constructed Sea Gates all over the world to link their empire together. This empire eventually fell and the elves withdrew to their homelands in Shallenoi and the city of Xoth Sarandi. After that the other races formed their own nations and have ruled as they pleased for a thousand years.

Every one thousand years the world comes into conflict at the Equinox of the Heroes. The drow, following their spider goddess, She, and the godlike entity known only as the Dark attempt to conquer the world of Ashfar and usher in an age of darkness and oppression. Shortly before each Equinox, heroes are born into the world, known as the Starborn. They are destined to fight thw drow and the champions of the Dark, the Host.

The game takes places in the fourth Quinox of the Heroes, with the players as the Starborn. They discover the drow plans and raise the alarm over the world, fighting the drow where they are needed.

The game is currently full and will likely stay that way. It has prgoressed to the early part of the third book where the drow have been defeated, but something is threatening the very fabric of the planes.