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This is the main page for Exalted: Scarlet Legacy.

The North
The Satrapy of Cherak
The Holdings of House Ferem
The Holdings of House Ferem and Dragons of the 21st Legion


The game will be set, at least initially, in the northern city of Cherak. The characters will be the newly appointed Satrap and a group of old school friends imported as aides and advisors.

The Realm is the greatest polity in Creation - and, perhaps, the worst. With the Scarlet Empress gone, it is poised to tear itself apart. The question is - what will come after it? You are in a privilidged position - you can cut your ties to family, and join House Ferem to forge a new, independant state, standing strong even as the Realm enters its death throes - or you can take up the standards of your ancestors, and fight to save the Realm - or at least, aid its renewal, garda bird-like from the ashes of itself.

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The characters will begin play as young, just out of school, Exalted Dynasts.

For details of character generation, check here.


As the 'real' Exalted system sucks, the game will use OreX [1] instead. However, while the core of OreX is great, I'm making a number of additional changes to it, based on Kath's additional changes for Rising Sun.

You can find DB charms here, non-Dragon-blooded Charms (like Martial Arts and spell), here, and artifacts and hearthstones here Rising Sun Artifacts here.

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