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This is the main page for Exalted: The Rising Sun.


The game will be set in the furthest East, in the lands of a people called the Ten Tribes. On one side, they're being slowly overwhelmed militarily and culturally by loggers from the great cities of the Scavenger Lands. On the other side, the Fair Folk are growing more restive, and taking advantage of the conflict against the loggers to strike further into Creation.

As we start, the Ten Tribes are clearly doomed to fall - the only questions are 'when' and 'by who's hand'. However, five Solar Exalted will rise, and lead their people to safety and security. With Solar Exalted in charge, the question changes to '*how* will you save your people, and at what price to them and their enemies'.

The East itself is a land of endless towering forests, and is home to many great secrets from the past. While the first plot arc will revolve around saving the Ten Tribes, the second arc will be high fantasy. The chaotic landscape of the Wyld will feature, or perhaps Heaven itself. The great machine of the Sun, the Daystar might be visited, or even the gardens of the Moon. The first city of the Exalted, Rathess, lies in the East, as do the domains of two mad and powerful Lunar Exalted - Raksi the cannibal queen of sorcery, and Ma-Ha-Suchi, once the most handsome man in the world and now a strange hybrid of man, wolf and goat driven by hatred and loathing.


The characters will begin play as Heroic Mortals of the Ten Tribes, but we'll only spend a session at most at this level before you Exalt.

For details of character generation, check here.


As the 'real' Exalted system sucks, the game will use OreX [1] instead. However, while the core of OreX is great, I'm making a number of additional changes to it.

You can find Solar charms here, non-Solar Charms (like Martial Arts and spell), here, Sidereal charms here and artifacts and hearthstones here.

High Essence Solar charms for the First Age flashback session are here.