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London Underground
System: Unknown Armies
GM: Bazzalisk
Current Players: Alban, Kath, Matt Ryhan, Ulrich Kadolski, Ian Kirker
Spaces: None
When: 12:00-17:00 Alternate Sundays
Where: ICSF
Unknown Armies

A dark modern horror game set in London. In a world where some people are so obsessively deluded that they can force the world to buy into their dellusions a small group of misfits work for the Greater London Authority to maintain what peace is possible in London's seathing Occult Underground.

However, when a man who stalks and kills young women for magical power comes to London to attempt some sort of deal the groups gets drawn into a complex web of danger more subtle then they could ever have imagine.

The Setting

The setting is that from Unknown Armies, a game published by Atlas Games which deals with a very humanistic world of modern urban horror and magic. A world where power has a price, and it's almost never worth what you get out of it.

A world where magic works only because the universe is fundementaly broken ... and some people are broken enough to sympathise with it.

The Game

Runs on alternate sundays at ICSF and is currently full.