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To Stare into the Abyss

This game is a game about the Underworld. The over-arching plot of the campaign will focus around defeating the Deathlords and thwarting the Never born, with particular attention paid towards Oblivion itself and the city of Stygia. The PCs are Solars and Abyssals who came together to destroy the Abyssal's Deathlord*, who was threatening places the Solar's held dear. In the course of this, the Bull of the North was found out to be corrupted by the Deathlord, and was killed by the PCs.

The Deathlord in question was one of the unspecified Deathlords, but was most like one written up on who had 4 ghostly children chained to him, each representing a different virtue. Whenever he spoke, the child/virtue most appropriate to what he was saying would speak. It's likely that his secret Deathlord weakness revolved around these chains in some way (needless to say, they were not made of silver). But anyway, he's dead dead dead now.

In addition, this campaign takes place in the same universe as my previous game. In that, the PCs defeated the Mask of Winters, saving Nexus and the rest of the Scavenger Lands from being turned into Creation's largest Shadowland. In doing this, they also prevented the Mask from offing every other Deathlord. The previous PCs aren't going to feature in this game, as it can be assumed that they're taking Luna up on her offer to visit Yu Shan. The most notable effect that this will have on the new game is that the most famous Deathlord of all is dead as well, meaning that two Deathlords have fallen within a few months of each other, after existing for well over a millennium.

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