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Four Weddings and a Kung-Fu Tournament
System: Exalted 2nd Edition
GM: Bazzalisk
Current Players: User:Alban, User:Kvetch, User:Rhuben, User:Siberman, User:Smithers, User:Serg
Spaces: None
When: 18:00-23:00 Tuesdays
Where: House of X (Battersea)
Exalted 2nd Edition

Nellens Benata was Blessed of the Elemental Dragons. She married a merchant's son and has a comfortable estate on the Blessed Isle. Six of her children have exalted as terrestrials, all of them sons. All six are now of age, and have realised that their prospects are not as great as they might be. With little fortune, weak blood, a mortal for a father, and few political connections whilst they could be sure of finding willing brides amongst the Patrician class or even amongst wealthy merchants, the Great houses would never allow their daughters to marry so far beneath them. The six brothers know that their chances of marrying well are fairly small unless they do something amazing. So swearing a pact to each other they set out to search for adventures which will make names for themselves as great heroes of the Realm -- for even the Scions of the Great houses would be willing to marry them then ...

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House Rules

This game uses Bazzalisk's Exalted Houserules and more recently, the GURPS Exalted Bazzalisk edition. In addition due to the low breeding and wealth of their family Breeding and Resources above 3 costed double the normal bonus points in 2nd Ed. Exalted.

Based on Clacan and Lieden's Character sheets, characters were given 18, not 12 background points (or bonus points).

Warstriders used the Modified Warstrider Construction System.

GURPS FWaaKFT Houserules Discussion